Navajo Nation Resolutions 2022


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April 2022
  • RDCAP-06-22(1) – Marieta Octavo Nez Homesite with Navajo Commercial Forestry

  • RDCAP-07-22 (1) – Jammie Billiman Homesite with Navajo Commercial Forestry (Sawmill Chapter)

May 2022
  • CMY-27-22 (1) – Approving $3,003,441.00 UUFB for 2022  Navajo Election 

  • NABIMY-15-22 – NN Approves & Accepts Utah Water Rights  Settlement Agreement 

  • NABIMY-16-22 – A Resilient Broadband Solution for Kayenta Chapter 

  • NABIMY-17-22 – Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program authorizing Dikcon Chapter 

  • RDCMY-08-22 – Grant of Right-of-Way to Continental Divide Electric Cooperative, Inc. for construction, operation and maintenance of a  powerline, fiber optic line on, over and across NN Trust Lands in Church Rock Chapter vicinity 

June 2022
  • 0100-22 – Azee’ Bee Nahagha of Dine Nation 

  • NABIJN-23-22 – The Navajo Nation hereby approves, authorizes and recognizes Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. 

  • NABIJN-22-22 – Veterans Affairs in closing Community-Based Outpatient Clinics near the Navajo Nation including the Community-Based Outpatient Clinic in Gallup, New Mexico. 

  • NABIJN-21-22 – Division of Transportation remove the name of Kit Carson from Navajo Route N110 

  • NABIJN-20-22 – Operations and Maintenance User Fees on NAPI and Water Users for the NIIP 

  • NABIJN-19-22 – WIHCC to assume operation and maintenance